Your Memory in the Cloud!

Privacy Policy

No one has access to your data, photos, and videos except for me, K'shin the creator, and the people at the secure data center who are contractually obligated not to look. Your data will not be shared with anyone else unless you explicitly share it yourself by clicking the 'f' or 't' buttons to share it with Facebook and/or Twitter respectively. So I am the only one that can read your data and I neither have the time nor the inclination to look at data as yours, or in other words: I'll probably look at some of the data, but not whose it is, to see how to improve MemorizeIt! for your benefit.

You own your data, photos, and videos exclusively, though anything you share will be subject to the applicable sites' privacy policies, etc. So if you share it, it's no longer in my ability to say you own it exclusively. Check with Twitter and Facebook.

I live in Canada so I suppose there are some laws applicable to the usage of your data here. I'm certain that keeping your data completely private and leaving its ownership exclusively yours complies with those laws. For the time being the secure data center is in the USA, so they'll feel like they have some say too. If I am legally required by court order to divulge data about you to the courts I will do so under duress unless you're compromising someone else's rights or freedoms, in which case, I hope they get you, you should respect other people's person's and property. If you're using MemorizeIt! to store your kiddie porn collection I'll turn you in myself.

This privacy policy is, of course, subject to change. You will be notified by email when it does.

Please enjoy MemorizeIt! to keep track of your real life in real time!